May 18, 2024


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10 best ab machines and equipment for home gyms, per experts


With warmer temps on the horizon, it’s inevitable for us to want to hop on the fitness grind (perhaps even more than January). With this, comes the desire for leaner, more defined abs.

To help you feel good (and boost your core) you may want to consider the best ab machines and equipment that’s on the market. For one, it’s great for toning and two, will help complete your home gym.

Much like your tried-and-true equipment — from treadmills and ellipticals to bikes and rowing machines — ab machines come in many varieties.

However, along with our favorite matching workout sets and dumbbells, you can pick up smaller equipment for your space — making your exercise routine elevated and customized to you.

“As a fitness trainer, abs are the No. 1 most requested muscle group from my clients,” Kat B., obe Fitness instructor, told the New York Post (a boutique fitness company we reviewed and loved, BTW). “While ‘six-pack abs’ might be desired among most fitness go-ers, building a strong core should be equally as sought-after.”

What’s more, a solid core helps to prevent injuries, minimizes back pain, improves posture and makes day-to-day activities easier,” she adds. The benefits are endless!

Ahead, we rounded up the 10 best ab machines and equipment for you to try, per our two fitness experts.

BalanceFrom Ab Mat Trainer

“For someone who is very new with the dynamic movement of flexion (crunches), this could help keep it out of your neck and stay in your core,” Ashley Borden, a celebrity fitness instructor who has worked with Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling, told the Post. “A common mistake when doing any type of flexion is pulling from your neck instead of your core pulling into the floor (right above your belly button).”

She notes this equipment should not be an excuse to move in a lazy form and mentally check out while flailing your body around. “The ultimate goal is to phase out of this equipment and just use your body,” Borden adds.

Pullup & Dip Ab Wheel

“The ab wheel is a way more advanced piece of equipment,” Borden adds. “It’s basic-looking with a gigantic challenge on the core.” Not to mention, the ab wheel works everything: glutes, abs, lats, obliques, shoulders. 

What’s more, Kat B. also recommends an ab wheel for your home gym. “This simple but effective contraption forces you to keep tension across your core for the entirety of the exercise, working the deep, intrinsic core muscles,” she explains.” Bonus: You’ll also work your back and shoulders.

Sunny Health & Fitness Hyperextension Roman Ab Chair

For an ab machine, you can’t go wrong with Amazon’s best-seller: the Sunny Health & Fitness Hyperextension Roman Ab Chair. Per Kat, you want to “make sure that it won’t tumble over when using it, as this could potentially lead to injury.”

Not only is this model sturdy, but it’s designed with non-slip handles while you work on your core. Plus, it’s well-priced at just $75.

Trideer Swiss Ball, purple, for abs

For achieving many different fitness goals, you can’t go wrong with Trideer’s Swiss Ball. Also known as a medicine ball, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment, per Kat B.

“It offers versatility and challenges your instability, helping to build your core from the inside out,” she adds. “Use this for planks, crunches, weighted leg lifts and so much more!”

Core Max 2.0 Smart Abs Total Body Workout

Along with finding a sturdy ab machine, Kat B. also recommends one that’s versatile. “If you can use it for multiple exercises or work multiple muscle groups at one time, it’s an A+ in my book,” she notes.

The Core Max 2.0 is just that, offering several ways to work out your core and other parts of your body. For $90, it’s a splurge that’s worth it.

Fitlaya Fitness Core & Abdominal Trainer

Similarly, Fitlaya Fitness’ Core & Abdominal Trainer is stellar for being easy to use. “When looking at the ab machine, make sure that mounting and dismounting would be accessible for you,” Kat offers.

This model is a no-frills trainer that, undoubtedly, will complete your home gym.

SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength Ab Trainer Rollers

Meet the dumbbells that are serviced to help you tone your core. For just $40, these heavy-duty wheels offer much versatility and precision to your workouts. Try your hand at planking with these, or place them below your ankles to tone your lower ab region.

Ab Doer 360

Another full-fledged machine, the Ab Doer 360 is also a full-bodied workout machine to exercise your entire body from a seated position. Not only does it add some color to your fitness space but its Core Support Column helps reduce injury.

Body Solid Ab Back Machine
Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you want to invest in a heavy-duty set, look no further than Body Solid’s Ab Back Machine. Reigning in Kat’s recommended stability versatility, ease of use benchmarks, this home gym staple is effective and won’t let you down.

SeanLeeCore Ab Trainer Machine

We love SeanLeeCore’s Ab Trainer Machine for a number of reasons, notably for its sleek white and lavender color that’s hard not to love. The end loops — where you’d position your feet — ensure that you won’t slip, while the handles and controls are ergonomic, too.

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