May 28, 2024


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Breast Lift: What are the Procedures?

What is a breast lift and what are the benefits of this procedure? | ASPS

If you are wanting to change the appearance of your breasts you may wonder what is the difference between mastopexy and breast lift? Breast lift or mastopexy surgery is sought after by women for a number of reasons. Most people just want to be able to fit into more clothes and swimwear by slimming down and toning up.  Women typically experience a boost in self-esteem when they put on clothing that makes them feel more attractive.


Learning about breast lift or mastopexy may help you determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure, organize and start your journey, and discover vital facts about the procedure itself.

What is the best age to get a breast lift?

To combat the effects of aging, many females choose a breast lift at a certain point in their lives. This technique may lift drooping, uneven breasts and restore them to a more youthful posture. 


Breast augmentation is most common among women aged 19 to 34, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, but there is no ideal time for a breast lift since every woman is unique and develops at varying rates. Before undergoing any sort of breast augmentation, patients should have fully grown breasts.

How long does breast lift last?

Some people see long-term effects, while some will just need modest tweaks a few years later. The longevity of a normal breast lift depends on a variety of variables, including the patient’s age, genes, fitness, and nutrition.


The benefits of a breast lift may endure up to 15 years for certain people, although small adjustments to the appearance may be desired sooner by others. The effects of a breast lift usually endure for ten to fifteen years typically.

Is getting a breast lift worth it? 

1. A fuller bust

It is very common for female patients to feel self-conscious about their breast deflation and want a breast lift, which may return their breasts to a more natural position. Many women choose to have their areola and nipple relocated as well, which may further improve their new breast look after a breast lift.


After having a baby, many women realize that their breasts are saggy, and this is common. This procedure may help them go back to where they were before they had surgery.

2. Breasts with a better form

Breasts that are deflated lose their appealing contour, which may be one of your aesthetic goals. You may have a more appealing and supple breast form by having the breast tissue lifted.

3. Improved physical condition

In a surprise twist, the removal of part of the load from your torso through a breast lift may actually benefit your overall fitness by lowering neck and back problems. Furthermore, you should notice a reduction in skin discomfort under your breasts.

How to decide if you need a breast augmentation or breast lift

When considering cosmetic breast surgery, it is likely that you have also evaluated whether or not you should have a breast lift or augmentation. You have the option of having a breast augmentation and lift done separately or all at once. It is possible to save costs and time spent recovering after surgery by combining operations. In contrast, having a breast lift many years following your implant surgery is usually not an issue.


Having their breasts reduced is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment done each year for a variety of reasons. Some women dream of having bigger, more proportionate breasts, while others want to address asymmetry. Your surgeon would go through all of your implant possibilities with you during your consultation. After the consultation, you will be able to try on several implant sizes, which will help ensure that the treatment goes as planned.

Is a breast lift ever medically necessary?

In cases when plastic surgery is medically essential, it may enhance a person’s physical health or performance. As a supplementary purpose, most of these operations are also aesthetic. Medically essential plastic surgery may be performed on patients who suffer from conditions from the breast such as birth abnormalities, injuries, illness, and more.

Begin your breast lift journey

Seek a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing for a long time for the best possible results. As a member of the surgical team, the surgeon will be an invaluable resource in guiding you through this potentially life-altering treatment.


Request to see before-and-after photos before selecting a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. You’ll get a decent sense of their own style and degree of expertise from these. In many cases, the greater the number of images available, the more delighted their customers are with their work and the more skilled they are.