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Hitch Fit Online Personal Training

Hitch Fit Online Personal Training

This story is a powerful one.  Jennifer had followed Hitch Fit for many years but was not ready to transform until one night earlier this year when she knew it was time to make change and get to looking/feeling her best.

As we tell everyone before starting.  You need to be 100% ready to make change, to work hard and to make this a top priority.  If you are not then start when you are.  When you are ready and committed then follow what we make you, it will change your body and life forever.

Jennifer and her boyfriend Craig committed 100% and the results were absolutely amazing.

I could not be more proud of you both.


Jennifer’s 12 Week Results

Weight- Week 1- 158lbs  , Final- 135lbs,  Results- Dropped 23lbs

Dress Size- Week 1- Size 10  , Final- Size 4,  Results- Dropped 6 Dress Sizes

Hips- Week 1- 41″, Final- 36″- Results- Dropped 5″

Stomach- Week 1-31.5″, Final- 25.5″, Results- Dropped 6″

Body Fat%- Week 1- 29.79%, Final- 18.45%, Results- Dropped 11.34%

Jennifer’s Story

I’ve seen hundreds of Hitch Fit posts over the years and always told myself I’d get around to signing up maybe one day. My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years. He has 3 children from a previous marriage and I have 2 children from my previous marriage. He, his two youngest (16 and 18), my kids (10 and 11) and I all live under the same roof. We have 3 dogs, a giant cat and a fish, a VERY family. We both have full time jobs, and we each coach a sport at the high school. On top of that, my two kids and his 16 year old are heavily involved in school sports, and his 18 year old is severely disabled and requires constant supervision and careful coordination of her schedule each day.

All that being said, it would be very easy to use any of that as an excuse to not be able to make our health a priority. But as I laid in bed one night, July 26th 2022, about a week before my 38th birthday, I was starting to get overwhelmed thinking about the school year that was about to begin and how in the heck I was going to be able to mentally handle it all, especially while I was about 10lbs overweight and feeling like a slug. I was scrolling through facebook and saw one of the Hitch Fit transformation posts, which showed the before and after transformation of a woman who was about 20+ years older than me.

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Fit Mom


At that moment, I realized if she can do it, I can totally do it. I’ve seen hundreds of those Hitch Fit posts over the years and always told myself I’d get around to it. I tried several different programs but if the accountability was missing, I would fall off the wagon. I decided right then and there to click on the Hitch Fit link and hurry up and buy it before my boyfriend realized what was going on.

See, he had been complaining about feeling sluggish, stressed out and how his clothes are getting pretty tight. We were both suffering from mental and physical unhappiness, and I knew it was time for a drastic change. I signed us up for the Couples Bootcamp Program right there in bed, and after I did it, I looked over and said, WELP, I just bought my birthday present from you. You’re going to do this workout program with me for 12 weeks. That’s what I want for my birthday. He was not thrilled, haha, but ultimately agreed. I had no idea how we were going to do it, but I knew we would figure it out.

A few days later, we received our customized plans and I really loved the way that Micah wrote them out for us. We’re both the kind of people that need an “if you do this, you will get this” kind of plan. It is very straightforward and easy to follow. We went to Sam’s Club the day before our plan started and got everything we needed. We started on August 1st and finished on October 23.

The first week took a little getting used to. We figured out the best way to get our workouts in and cardio in and timed our meals. My favorite part about the whole plan was how much you get to eat!!! I loved being able to eat so much and not feel guilty. The most important thing we did was put 100% trust into the plan. We followed the meal plan, the workouts and the cardio 100%. I figured this is 12 weeks of my life that was going to pass me by no matter what, so I’m going to make the best of it and have no regrets at the end.

About 4 weeks in, we both noticed major results. We were down 10lbs on the scale and my flab underneath my arms was gone!

At 8 weeks, my arms were so toned that my friends were freaking out over it and everyone was asking me how I did it and wanted to sign up too! Guys, I was at my goal weight and appearance by week 8, and I still had 4 weeks left!!! I was so pumped! I had so much energy and the clothes that I was hoping to fit into by the end of the program were actually almost a little too big!

My boyfriend reached his goal at this point too and got to finish early, entering the maintenance  phase. I could have too, but I decided to keep going just to see how much I could change. It was addicting at this point. 🙂

Lose Belly Fat


At week 12, my muscle definition was ON POINT and I felt and looked amazing. I am so happy with myself. My fatigue and headaches are gone, my self-confidence is at an all time high and most importantly, our kids have their energetic, fun loving parents back and even the kids are wanting to work out and make healthy choices with us.

Micah was so supportive and helped us out so much during this journey. He was our biggest fan, always encouraging us and quick to answer any questions we had.

I would drop 6 dress sizes in 12 weeks.  I went from a size 8/10 to a size 4, lost 6 inches off my waist and went from 29% body fat to 18%. Although I did technically lose 23 lbs, I know that weight on the scale isn’t the biggest performance indicator. You cannot live by the scale. There are so many factors that go into what that number on the scale.  Dont get wrapped up in scale alone, your body fat% and inches matter just as much if not more.  

So one of the biggest pieces of advice I have is to teach yourself that what the scale says really isn’t that important. How you feel and what you see in the mirror is what matters, and if you choose to go through this program and make it a priority, you’ll be SO glad you did. Either way, 12 weeks will pass you by. You can sign up and be a totally changed person by the end or you can do nothing and wonder what would have happened if you did.

Program Choice: Couples Bootcamp


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