June 19, 2024


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Protein-rich breakfast for fitness freaks


Modern-day dietary challenges are several and can be demanding. Needless to say, you need an innovative approach, especially for the most important meal of the day, your breakfast. Protein is an important component of your diet, it keeps you active, helps you maintain a healthy weight and saves you from many health hazards, especially in the later years of your life.

Sadly, the typical Indian breakfast mostly misses this dietary component for carbohydrates. But, worry not, here’s a list of easy to prepare Indian and continental recipes for a protein-rich morning diet, shared by Vijay Thakkar, a fitness entrepreneur and Functional Medicine & Lifestyle Disease Reversal Coach who aims to help people get rid of lifestyle diseases, with a curated reversal plan, with time-tested remedies, physical and mental wellness, and guidance:

Protein rich parathas

Quick to make and easily likeable by everyone, hot parathas can make any morning fulfilling. All you need is to use items like jowar bajra, ragi and drumstick leaves with millet flour instead of wheat. Add methi leaves or stuff with paneer, onions, etc. to make it more tasteful. Or if you like to keep it simple just go for ragi Tawa paratha served with curd or yoghurt.

High protein dosa

Idli and dosa have been one of the best and most versatile Indian cuisines, especially in the morning. You can prepare your idlis and dosas as per your dietary needs. Use buckwheat or kuttu flour (no fermentation needed), or use oats for your protein-rich healthy morning dosa. Using seasonal veggies for your dosa filling, for example, peas and spinach is a great way of making a protein-rich dosa.

Protein-rich bhurjis

When you need something fast, yet uncompromising on nutrition, bhurjis can come to your rescue. Paneer and egg bhurji are easy to prepare and rich in protein, vitamins, iron and zinc. You can make your breakfast even more nutritious by adding vegetables like peas, capsicum and mushroom. Want to make it a little different? Add some grated mozzarella cheese over it.

Continental protein treat for the mornings

Variety is a typical family demand you will encounter quite a lot, especially with breakfast. So, it makes sense to try something out of the borders once in a while. For instance, the continental breakfast with eggs, bread, and a few veggies. The best part is that you have complete control over the spiciness of this simple yet nutritious concoction.

Prepare eggs as an omelette or half fry, sprinkled with rock salt and black pepper. Serve with spinach leaves, baked baby potatoes and mushrooms. Add more nutrition with cottage cheese, and baked whole wheat bread. If you want to add additional protein-rich supplements, you can also add baked or boiled salmon or chicken pieces.

Light breakfast with protein punch

Chilla or cheela is another popular recipe that is an all-weather protein-rich and weight friendly breakfast. Usually made with besan and served with pudina or tomato chutney, cheela can make your mornings tasty and nutritious at the same time.

You can increase the protein substance of your cheela with peas and cottage cheese (paneer) and serve with garlic pudina or tomato chutney. Garlic is another substance your body loves to use as it helps in combating flu, and cholesterol, and offers antioxidants.

Rich protein smoothies & shakes

If you are a fan of drinks (not alcohol) with your meals, this is one way to include healthy stuff with your breakfast. The best part is that smoothies are rarely difficult to make with the right equipment, i.e., a blender.

Oatmeal, oranges and almond milk is one combination to try. Use honey or dates as per your taste for sweeteners. Another combination you can try is black raspberry and curd with honey as a sweetener.


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