June 3, 2023


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The fitness spinning bike supplier lets you know more about the bicycling. 

Spinning bike is a special type of exercise equipment used to work out by pedaling and forming muscles on the wheel. A bike is suitable for indoor cycling and has a stable resistance, while the brakes are equipped with professional air resistance. With excellent quality and comfortable riding experience, everyone can enjoy this exciting exercise. Spinning bikes have developed from the streets to the gym and back, gaining popularity over the years. There are many benefits of this routine, such as strengthening leg muscles and exercising the whole body. Today, people enjoy this type of workout because it combines a cardiovascular exercise with resistance training. In addition, it can improve people’s muscle endurance, and flexibility while improving overall health. The best spinning bikes are heavy, which makes the ride safer and easier on your joints. As a fitness spinning bike supplier, you can find out many kinds of spinning bikes which can cater to different needs of people. Going forward, we will continue to introduce more information about the spinning bike to you so that you can have a primary knowledge of it and then purchase from us. 

Origin and development of the spinning bike

Spinning, originally coined as indoor cycling, was developed in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. The term refers to a type of indoor stationary bicycle training with music and speed-regulation. The first spinning bikes were only used for sports medicine testing purposes and later became part of smaller fitness studios. In the following years, these bikes were used just as much by professional cyclists and world champions as they were by athletes and non-athletes alike.

The cyclist Jonathan Goldberg in the South Africa created spinning as a way to get himself in shape for his participation in the 3,100-mile Race Across America. He was preparing for this grueling bike ride when he narrowly escaped death during a late-night workout. Then the 31-year-old Goldberg decided to make his preparation for the ride and was inspired by indoor cycling classes he had encountered during his travels.

But this was just the beginning. Goldberg continued to develop spinning and teamed up with famous clubs in San Francisco and New York. This fitness craze started as a simple training program created by our founder. Two years later, his self-invented training project became more popular with his friends since the spinning was an effective way to do something good for health. He knew he was onto something big! Therefore, Goldberg continued to improve his indoor training and also related it to music. Later in the early 1990s, the spinning was born. Spinning started in 1994 with a treadmill and a bike brake. The two co-founders of Mad Dogg Athletics, Jonathan Goldberg and John Baudhuin, had both become passionate about indoor cycling during their studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Within just four years, Goldberg had developed the first commercial spinning bike after having used on traditional street bikes at the time of his business partnership with Baudhuin.

Spinning has been combined with different training principles and exercise programs for many years. The exercises performed on spinning bikes are typically grouped into blocks, where the focus shifts seamlessly between high-performance exercises and low-impact, low-intensity resistance training. Spinning classes are one of the most popular group exercise formats, and have been around since the 1980s. They are a fun and effective way to get fit, improve your cardiovascular endurance, tone muscles and burn calories. The secret behind the success is that a spinning instructor leads a class of riders through a carefully choreographed ride, with flashing lights and loud music setting the tone as riders complete intervals with resistance changes and climbs. Many spin studios offer additional classes like Yoga Flats or Body Blast that incorporate strength training sequences into the workout.

Spinning becomes a world fitness trend

  Spinning is incredibly popular, especially among the fitness enthusiasts. This is not surprising because it combines an intense cardio workout with strength training in a highly motivating class. If you like challenging outdoor rides on your own bike and would like to integrate more interval training into your workout routine, then spinning is an excellent alternative for you. Therefore, it will be a good choice to find a fitness spinning bike supplier like us to run your gym business in a better manner. With the spinning bike, you can burn even more calories and get fit fast. You will lose weight and build up your endurance, strength and stamina while enjoying music, friends and a workout. Only the body is good enough during spinning. Let your body do the talking! 

Spinning together makes more fun

Spinning is more fun in a community and challenges ambition and motivation. It is a unique group experience which will not only push you to reach your physical potential, but also help you achieve psychological balance. Finding the right training program that best suits your needs will make all the difference in your training results, so our professional staff are available to help you find your perfect program!

Many people who are engaged in a common activity together is called a group. Such behavior by the person concerned is also decisive. This applies to spinning as well when you ask yourself whether you get tips from your peers or not, whether you have something in common with them. You should also ask yourself how your mates interact with each other when you’re spinning. Will you share tips and techniques, or will the other members just look at you? If it’s more than just a chance encounter, that’s good: spinning can be the basis for friendships. Spinning is known to be an amazing workout, but that’s not the only reason. For the most part, spinning motivates people to come back and do it again. Having a fun, friendly group makes all the difference in the world for enjoying this workout for many years to come.