June 19, 2024


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The Online Fitness Program Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Without Dieting


Pivot Program is doing way with the fad diets and is instead focused on changing the mindset of its participants so they can have a healthy lifestyle.


Ashley Mathieu’s passion has always been to help people. So it wasn’t particularly surprising when she resigned from a lucrative position with the federal government to give her full attention to what she loved. The result of this move is the Pivot Program which is focused on giving people the life tools to succeed with a healthy lifestyle.

The Pivot Program is specifically aimed at people who are sick of over-training with no results, lack of support, little or no motivation, and crash diets. It involves a step-by-step program that takes participants on a 4-week journey towards changing their mindsets. In addition to learning how to identify and overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, participants will be educated on how to use nutrition and exercise to their advantage. By the end of the program, members should already be on their way to becoming both mentally and physically healthy.

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Beginners and seasoned professionals are encouraged to take part in the Pivot Challenge 2.0 which comes with enough useful nuggets to help with weightloss and mental health. This challenge also has a private Facebook group where members can connect with others, share inspiration and motivation, post their progress, and be each other’s accountability partner. Most importantly, Ashley is there to provide support, structure, and guidance for her students through online learning.   

Ashley is pretty confident about the Pivot Program, which draws from her wealth of experience in the fitness niche. “I’ve spent the majority of the last 15+ years involved in the fitness and health space.  From taking a beating physically as a competitive athlete, I’ve been a professional trainer and an instructor for Canada’s largest certifying bodies. I am also a fitness business entrepreneur who owns multiple gyms and a fitness equipment company.”


Speaking on her reason for starting the Pivot Program, Ashley says, “I was tired of seeing people constantly feeling low, depressed, confused and feeling defeated. I want to share the freedom and fulfillment of being your best. The Pivot Challenge 2.0 is my way of helping someone get on the right path for good.” 

Jolene, a prior participant in the Pivot Program, has a glowing testimony to report. “Ashley is amazing! She’s so personable and really tries to connect with you as an individual to help adapt the program for your individual needs. She truly wants you to succeed – and not for her, for you! She’s so knowledgeable about how the food we eat affects us. She also provides amazing workout suggestions, again tailored to individual needs.  This ended up being an amazing learning experience for me. Isn’t your health worth it too? Let Ashley help you, you won’t regret it – I know I don’t!!”

More details about the Pivot Program can be found on its website

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