My Immigrant Parents Came To The U.S. For A Better Life. Here’s Why I May Want To Leave.

The author. (Photo: Courtesy of Maz Do)
The author. (Photo: Courtesy of Maz Do)

More than 40 years ago, my father’s family fled the Vietnam War and came to America. He left behind his younger brother and my grandparents (they would take a separate journey), and settled in a refugee camp in the Midwest. He tells me that he would eat fish from the backwater creeks behind the camps ― fish that Americans would never touch, and though he got sick he continued to eat because food was food. Eventually the family moved to California and reunited under one roof. In those days, my father, his brothers and his grandmother slept together on one mattress ― they had fitful dreams, I’m sure.

My father made his way to UCSD, and there, he met my mother who left Indonesia to attend college in America. A decade later they married. In the ’90s, on a winning combination of hard

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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Launches $100 Million Mental Health Initiative for Underserved Communities

Rare Beauty hasn’t even hit stores yet, but the mission-driven brand founded by Selena Gomez is already fulfilling its promise to foster conversations about self-acceptance and mental health.

On the “Lose You to Love Me” singer’s 28th birthday yesterday, her forthcoming beauty brand announced the launch of Rare Impact Fund, with an ambitious goal of raising $100 million over the next 10 years to connect people in underserved communities with much-needed mental health services.

“I’m so grateful to be surrounded by a team that’s helped make the Rare Impact Fund a reality,” Gomez said in a press release. “Since the brand’s inception, we wanted to find a way to give back to our community and further support people who needed access to mental health services, which have had a profound impact on my life.”

Selena Gomez/Instagram

One percent of all Rare Beauty sales — as well as funds raised from

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The health benefits of push-ups and how to do them correctly to get the most out of your workout

The health benefits of push-ups are extensive, and they are one of the best exercises to build muscle.
The health benefits of push-ups are extensive, and they are one of the best exercises to build muscle.

Westend61/Getty Images

  • The benefits of push-ups include strengthening a wide range of muscles and improving your cardiovascular health. 

  • In addition, there are many ways to modify your push-up form to further target specific muscle groups. 

  • Here’s how to do push-ups effectively for their health benefits, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.  

  • This article was medically reviewed by Joey Thurman, CSCS, CPT, FNS, a Chicago-based fitness expert and MYX Fitness coach.

  • Visit Insider’s Health Reference library for more advice.

Push-ups are an effective workout that can target multiple muscle groups, providing many health benefits with few serious risks. 

“Push-ups will improve your health by building muscle, raising your metabolism to burn fat, and providing a cardiovascular benefit,” says Robert S. Herbst, a personal trainer and former world champion powerlifter. “They

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Mexican president pledges better health care after pandemic

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s president promised Sunday to combat chronic health problems and improve health care, as the country’s cases of COVID-19 continued to mount.

The Health Department reported 5,311 more confirmed cases, for a total of 344,224, and 296 more COVID-19 deaths, for a total of 39,184.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Sunday in a message to the families of coronavirus victims that he would fight chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension that make people more likely to suffer severe cases of COVID-19.

He pledged to do so by promoting physical education, training more medical personnel, and fighting junk food.

López Obrador said the government would provide scholarships to train 30,000 more specialized doctors.

A trade group, the National Association of Softdrink Producers, issued a statement Sunday condemning what it called the “stigmatizing” of soft drinks, after Assistant Health Secretary Hugo López-Gatell referred to them as “bottled

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