April 17, 2024


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Physical fitness remains a challenge during COVID-19 pandemic

People use workout equipment on Friday, January 8, at the Sanford Wellness Center in Sioux Falls.

The early months of the COVID-19 pandemic threw Jaden Fisher’s routine into a spiral as it made getting to the gym more of a chore than a choice. 

“I used to work out a lot before, but when it hit I found I had no motivation to get into the gym, so I gained some weight,” Fisher said. 

In the middle of the pandemic, Fisher was in a different state, and her opportunities to hit the gym were limited. She said it wasn’t until after she moved back to South Dakota from Georgia when she could recommit to the routine she had previously. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced gyms to close and people to stay indoors during the spring and summer of 2020, and many gained weight as a result of the reduced activity.