May 28, 2024


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Basic Equipment You Need In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a very physically challenging martial art, so having the right equipment will keep you safe during your training.

If you stay safe, then you will have a more enjoyable experience in the gym.

With that in mind, here are seven basic pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started with your BJJ practice.

#1 Gi

This training outfit called ‘gi’ consists of a heavy cotton top, a pair of pants, and a belt. Your pants and top are usually made of the same color.

The purpose of using a gi is to protect you from abrasions or burns that you may experience while grappling.

For that, it is important that you choose a gear that is made from the right materials for your safety, as well as to keep you hygienic.

Look for a gear specifically designed for BJJ. This gi will have three layers of stitches on each joint, which makes it last longer than the hard pressure of your grip.

In addition, choose a tooth that contains anti-bacterial and anti-odor ingredients. And remember to always clean your teeth.

#2 Rash Guard

Whether you’re training with or with no a gi, you’re going to need a great rash guard.

Your rash protection can be worn under your teeth, which will help safeguard your skin from abrasions and burnup. A rash protector will also keep you warm and help keep your muscular tissue flexible while grappling.

A rash protector is designed from polyester and spandex, which are two very useful materials to absorb sweat before it hits your teeth.

This will keep you clean and comfortable, and prevent the growth of bacteria.

#3 Athletic Tape

Your fingers play an important role in gripping, or gripping, and will be tested for resistance as you practice.

Before each training session, use this athletic tape to protect your fingers. This plaster will support the joint in your finger and prevent injury.

Without special treatment, your finger joints will swell due to continuous gripping and pulling. This can lead to arthritis.

In addition, wrapping your fingers will help you tighten your grip and provide additional grip strength, which will be especially useful when you grapple with your training partner.

#4 Mouthguard

A mouthguard is a piece of equipment you’ll need for BJJ, to protect your teeth and the arches in your mouth, lips, and gums during tough sparring sessions.

This utensil can usually be found in two variants – the type of ‘cook and bite’ (boil and bite) or special orders (custom-made).

The “boil and bite” mouthguard already has a basic shape, but can be changed according to your specifications by cooking and biting hard.

Although these special mouthguards are more expensive, they perfectly match the structure of your teeth. This will provide more comfort and allow you to breathe more smoothly.

#5 Kneepad

Whether you’re recovering from a knee injury or just want to add extra protection, a pair of knee protectors, or a kneepad. is a good addition and very useful.

The friction from rolling (rolling) or grappling (grappling) in the BJJ can cause serious lacerations or burns to your knee.

Since your skin is usually thinner in that area, a pair of kneepads will keep your knees covered and protected when grappling or executing a takedown.

Most kneepads can be used comfortably behind your teeth. Find a size that is comfortable to support your knees without limiting your mobility.

#6 Cupping Set

BJJ is a full-body workout.

Therefore, it is very natural for you to experience sore muscles or muscles that are too tight after a grappling session. It can affect your appearance and your workout if left untreated for information about cupping set to relieve muscle

That’s why every BJJ practitioner must have a cupping set. cupping set can prevent muscle swelling when a side massage is not an option.

#7 DMSO gel

A dmso gel is a perfect tool for recovery after your training session.

Using a dmso gel can help loosen tight muscles, which can occur after a long period of practice.

Long-term uses of dmso gels include increased flexibility and reduced soreness after a training session, both of which can help prevent injury.

Most dmso gels are quite small and can fit in your workout bag. Combine this dmso gel with regular stretching, and you will see improvements in your posture and flexibility.